Designed to store water, a blue roof further improves a building’s environmental impact by acting as a source-controlled sustainable drainage system.

 A Blue Roof refers to the ability of a roof system to collect and store rainwater. Blue Roofs have a host of uses, from managing flood risks to collecting and storing rainwater for further irrigation and other uses.

Each Blue Roof project has unique requirements. Our range of products will suit any Blue Roof project while meeting the storm event criteria­ and run-off rates. We can fit to any pre-existing design depth or usage (i.e. heavy vehicle access on podiums).

Our Blue Roofs are constructed in partneship with an independent consultant specialising in Blue Roofs, ensuring that all of our roofs are fully compliant with the necessary regulations. To increase the life of the Blue Roof, we work hard to exceed the brief for drainage criteria.

Whether we are consulted from the outset and establish the whole Blue Roof Scheme for the architect or we are solving a pre-existing design, our engineer will test the design and make recommendations.

There are many considerations that our technical team factor, including:

  • Are the overflows independent of the drainage system and positioned in full view? 

  • Are there noncombustible firebreaks?

  • Are the restrictor outlets easily accessed for maintenance?

  • Has the structural load taken account of the peak water weight?

  • Has the complete contributing catchment area been fully recognised? For example:

    • Driving rain against the façade of a 20 storey building that collects on the blue roof below?

    • Are there any parapets?

    • Are there neighbouring roof rain water pipes to consider?

A Blue Roof from Eco Green Roofs isn’t limited to just one single purpose. Our flexibility means that we can design, build and install a combination of Green, Blue and Solar roofs to provide the maximum effect and value added to the premises.

Blue Roofs

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Roofing Inspiration and Knowledge: Blue Roofs and BS 6229:2018
Roofing Inspiration and Knowledge: Blue Roofs and BS 6229:2018

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